Why you should get a water detection system for your home

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Contractor inspecting a water detection device

Between severe weather storms and leaks caused by burst pipes, faulty appliances or overflowing tubs, water damage accounts for over half of all Canadian home insurance claims. While water-related losses may not be completely preventable, homeowners can take steps to mitigate damage to their homes with prevention devices such as water leak detection sensors.

How do water detection devices work?

A licensed plumber will install an electric automatic shut-off valve on the main water supply line, with water sensors placed in high-risk areas such as a dishwasher, washing machine, bathrooms or hot water tank.

  • You can place an unlimited number of sensors around your home
  • The sensors are small and can fit into tight spaces without being an eyesore around your home

The moment water comes into contact with the sensor, it automatically activates and sends a signal to the master module to shut off the valve on your main water supply line. With the supply line shut off the leak is immediately stopped.

The water detection system can also be connected to your home security system, allowing you to be notified by your home’s control centre in the event of an incident.

Good to know:  If you plan to be out of the house for 24 hours or more, it’s recommended you manually shut off the watermain to your home. Better safe than sorry!

Why should you get a water detection device?

A water detection system will help you:

  • Minimize the risk of significant damage to your valuables and property
  • Enjoy peace of mind when spending time away from your home
  • Protect a secondary residence when you’re not present
  • Help avoid the growth of mold on your property that can lead to health issues
  • Receive discounts on your home insurance

The longer a water leak goes undetected, the more chaos it causes to your home—ruined furniture, wrecked floors, mold growth and even structural damage are very real possibilities. In some scenarios, you may even need to be displaced from your home during repairs. A water detection device can help you prevent these situations and the stress that follows.

WATERtight™ Protection

Make sure to speak with your insurance broker if you are unsure about your current level of water damage coverage. They can explain what coverage options are available to you, like Unica’s WATERtight protection—the simplest, best-in-class, worry-free solution for water damage losses. WATERtight a single-product solution that provides coverage for damage caused by Overland Flooding, Ground Water, Surface Water, and Sewer Backup. Click here to find a Unica Insurance Broker near you.

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