SPARKfor Small Business

Best-in-Class Comprehensive Coverage for Your Small Business

Unica’s SPARK product has you covered!


Tailored insurance for Canadian small contractors with comprehensive coverage for property, equipment, liability, and more. Focus on your business worry-free.


Introducing SPARK—offices, the Perfect Fit for lawyers, business associations, dentists, doctors, engineers, insurance agents, accountants, and optometrists.

Key benefits of our SPARK for Small Business coverage include:

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Accidents such as a slip and fall on your property resulting in injury to another person can be financially devastating for your business. That’s why it’s important to have liability coverage to protect your business in the event of a claim.
Equipment and Tools
If you use equipment in the operation of running your business and they get lost or damaged as a result of a covered risk, SPARK covers the cost to replace them. We even provide coverage for your employees’ equipment and tools.
Business Interruption
When a fire, flood, windstorm or some other disaster strikes and you have to temporarily close down your business or move to a different location, SPARK covers you for loss of income to keep your business running.
Identity Theft for You and Your Customers
Your database can get hacked and in turn, your consumer info is at risk. The good news is your SPARK insurance provides coverage for identity theft.
Property Damage
Unexpected events can happen at any time—fire, flood, sewer back-up, theft. Unica’s SPARK product includes broad coverage for your building and contents such as your inventory, equipment, furnishings, fixtures and supplies. We even include coverage for your employees’ personal belongings in your building.
Industry-Leading Post-Loss Expenses
There are many additional expenses to take care of after a loss, such as expenses for lock and key replacement, debris removal, retrieval of valuable papers and records, accounts receivable, replacement of exterior signs, and fire department charges. SPARK provides industry-leading coverage for these extra post-loss expenses.


At Unica, we’ve built our reputation by putting people first. We’ll handle your claim as quickly and as worry-free as possible.

From Partner to Policyholder

Because we value the way they work and we like the way their system is, we actually became a policyholder. And that speaks a lot–especially when I’ve been in the insurance industry for over thirty years.
Matt Molson | Owner of Leda Restoration

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