Jewellery Coverage

Unica’s jewellery insurance coverage has been tailored to provide comprehensive protection even while you travel, with no deductible or obligation for replacement.

What makes jewellery special is often unique to the owner of it. Whether it’s a necklace gifted by a loved one on a special occasion, an engagement ring passed down through generations or a pair of earrings you’ve purchased for yourself, so trust Unica to cover these items and provide the insurance protection these priceless valuables deserve.

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Key Features and Benefits

Unica offers comprehensive coverage through our scheduled Personal Articles Endorsement and blanket Enhanced Jewellery Insurance Endorsement.

Worldwide Coverage
Personal Articles Endorsement
Our comprehensive jewellery insurance coverage means your valuables are protected no matter where you travel in the world.
Agreed Value
Personal Articles Endorsement
In the case of a claim, your settlement is delivered at the value agreed upon when your policy was written.
Personal Articles Endorsement
No deductible applies.
+ All Perils Coverage
Enhanced Jewellery Insurance Endorsement
Your jewellery is protected against theft, fire, breakage and vandalism.
+ Replacement Cost
Enhanced Jewellery Insurance Endorsement
In the case of a loss, no deductible applies to your coverage.
+ Blanket Limit Coverage
Enhanced Jewellery Insurance Endorsement
Protects all of the valuables in your collection, not just one of your precious items.


At Unica, we’ve built our reputation by putting people first. We’ll handle your claim as quickly and as worry-free as possible.

From Partner to Policyholder

Because we value the way they work and we like the way their system is, we actually became a policyholder. And that speaks a lot–especially when I’ve been in the insurance industry for over thirty years.
Matt Molson | Owner of Leda Restoration
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Best-in-Class limits and protection for your jewellery is also available through Unica’s LIVEasy coverage.

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