Valuables and Collections Coverage

Unica understands the passion and dedication that goes into the curating and building of a personal collection. Whether it’s coins, sports memorabilia, stamps, firearms or comics, Unica offers specialized products to protect your investment.

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Key Features and Benefits

Certain valuables and collectables may have special limits under your personal homeowner’s policy that provide inadequate protection for these unique items.

Our coverage also applies to items that may not be collectables but are still valued possessions such as sports equipment, computers and household items.

No deductible required
No deductible in the event of a loss.
Agreed Value replacement
In the case of a claim, your settlement is delivered at the value agreed upon when your policy was written.
Customizable coverage
Your coverage can be tailored to your specific needs, allowing you to protect items at the values you require instead of standard limits.
Key coverage
Your valuables are protected against theft, breakage and vandalism.


97.1% of surveyed Unica Insureds were satisfied with their Claims experience.
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After a break-and-enter on our property, Unica’s Adjuster took on our claim and had everything under control to our utmost satisfaction. She was not only comforting during this distressful time but also had repairs quickly scheduled and handled by a contractor. The service was amazing and reassured us that we’re with the right insurance company.
Victor G. | Huntsville
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Support so you can relax.

I was already dealing with so much in my personal life when a theft happened in my home. But my adjuster Jasmine handled everything so smoothly I was able to relax. She was so caring and gave me so much support when I was worried. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Tracey S. | Etobicoke

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