Wine Collection Coverage

We understand your wine collection is a unique display of your passion and should be covered with protection tailored to your needs. Whether you have sourced your collection from the Niagara Escarpment or searched throughout Europe for the finest vintage wines, our endorsement is designed to provide all-risk coverage for every bottle in your lot.

Various wine bottles are stacked on wooden racks.

Key Features and Benefits

With Unica, there is no need to individually list bottles on your insurance policy. Your collection will be covered on a blanket basis up to $25,000 so you can spend more time curating and growing your passion.

Accidental Breakage
All Risk coverage against accidental breakage—not including spoilage.
Replacement Cost Basis
Higher Limits
Blanket coverage up to maximum limits of $25,000 in total.
Coverage up to $1,000 for any single bottle
No Deductible Applies
No deductible required in the event of a claim.
We insure your wine while in transit, including the loading and unloading of your wine, anywhere in the world.
Newly Acquired Wine
We will automatically insure any newly acquired wine in excess of your coverage limit provided you notify us within 90 days of acquisition.


At Unica, we’ve built our reputation by putting people first. We’ll handle your claim as quickly and as worry-free as possible.

From Partner to Policyholder

Because we value the way they work and we like the way their system is, we actually became a policyholder. And that speaks a lot–especially when I’ve been in the insurance industry for over thirty years.
Matt Molson | Owner of Leda Restoration

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