LIVEasy® Home Insurance

LIVEasy is a product centered on providing individuals like you who truly value protection, the confidence that your hard-earned and cherished assets are protected.

LIVEasy Home insurance offers comprehensive, flexible and reliable protection.

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VIP Focus:
As a niche insurer focused on the needs of VIP clients, Unica delivers protection for luxury properties including valuables and collections.
Best-in-Class Claims Handling:
Unica’s advantage is our Best-in-Class claims service, developed to handle your claims quickly and in a worry-free manner. Easy. Fast. Efficient. Learn more

Top Best-in-Class Features

Our enhanced home insurance program covers things that other plans don’t and allows you choice in how you’re compensated for insured losses. Our unique claims service approach is just one of several features that demonstrates how serious we are about being here to help you in the unfortunate event of an insured loss.

Best-in-Class Single-Limit of Insurance
Your policy will cover the rebuild cost of your home, 25% higher than the industry standard.
Best-in-Class Limit on Jewellery, Coins, Furs and Stamps without the need for an appraisal
Bylaws Coverage to Single-Limit of Insurance
If bylaws have changed since the build of your home, Unica’s coverage will cover the increased cost of construction to bring your property to compliance when it’s rebuilt.
Increased Special Limits
Unica’s LIVEasy policy increases the coverage limits on your most precious items, ensuring the contents of your home are protected.
Enhanced Personal Legal Liability Limits
With LIVEasy, your liability coverage is doubled in comparison to the industry standard.
Best-in-Class Identity Theft Coverage
Included with your LIVEasy policy at no additional cost.
Liability Extension to Dependents in a Long-Term Health Care Facility
Your coverage extends to any dependents you may have living in an extended care facility, including mental health facilities.
Flexible Claim Options
During your claim period, you have the option of selecting to receive a cash settlement, replacing/rebuilding your home and its contents or building your home on a different site. The choice is always yours.
Also available:
Secondary Coverage
Unica understands that you may require insurance protection for a secondary location. Unica will provide the same comprehensive protection as our LIVEasy Home coverage, as long as your secondary property does not remain vacant for more than 60 days and is not used for commercial use.


At Unica, we’ve built our reputation by putting people first. We’ll handle your claim as quickly and as worry-free as possible.

They got everything right!

When a leak caused chaos just before a planned trip, Unica’s Road Adjuster stepped up to answer the call.
Pixie C. | Toronto
Exterior of a home with the focus on double front doors, and a landscaped walkway.

Unica Claims: Professional and knowledgeable

I wanted to personally reach out and thank Unica for handling my claim in such a splendid, professional manner. It’s reassured me that I’ve chosen the right insurance company for my home. From start to finish, everyone at Unica has been knowledgeable and direct. It’s comforting to know I’m in such good hands.
Marvin S. | Toronto
Exterior of a home with the focus on double front doors, and a landscaped walkway.

Support so you can relax.

I was already dealing with so much in my personal life when a theft happened in my home. But my adjuster Jasmine handled everything so smoothly I was able to relax. She was so caring and gave me so much support when I was worried. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Tracey S. | Etobicoke

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