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Condominiums today are much more than a simple unit in a high-rise building. Buildings are equipped with party rooms, gyms, pools, theaters and more. Units themselves contain high-end finishes and upscale designs. With added features come added insurance needs. Unica’s LIVEasy Condominium coverage offers Best-In-Class service and protection including higher special coverage limits and additional liability extensions.

Modern interior of studio apartment in gray and white colors and tones. White furniture and door. Expensive and luxury design.

Key Features and Benefits

Single Limit of Insurance for Contents and Additional Living Expenses
Your policy will cover 120% of the cost of your condo contents.
Global Limit of Condominium Protection of $1 million
Unica’s best-in-class coverage gives you additional protection towards Improvements and Betterments towards your condo, Common Loss Assessment including deductibles enforced by the condo corporation and Unit Additional Protection which covers your unit in the event your condo corporation can’t reconstruct the building.
Increased Special Limits
Unica’s LIVEasy policy increases the coverage limits on your most precious items, ensuring the contents of your condo are protected.
Flexible Claim settlement options
During your claim period, you have the option of selecting to receive a cash settlement or replacing the contents of your condo. The choice is yours.
Also available:
Secondary Coverage
Unica understands that you may require insurance protection for a secondary location. Unica will provide the same comprehensive protection as our LIVEasy Condo coverage, as long as your secondary property does not remain vacant for more than 60 days and is not used for commercial use.


At Unica, we’ve built our reputation by putting people first. We’ll handle your claim as quickly and as worry-free as possible.

“They got everything right!”

When a leak caused chaos just before a planned trip, Unica’s Road Adjuster stepped up to answered the call.
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