Auto Theft Prevention Tactics: Protect Your Business Assets

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Table of Contents

    1. Establishing Preventative Auto Theft Tactics for Your Business
    2. Preventing Auto Theft
    3. Action Steps

Establishing Preventative Auto Theft Tactics for Your Business

Given the ongoing prevalence of auto theft in Canada, it is crucial to take proactive security measures and equip your auto shop with the necessary knowledge and tools to safeguard your business and your customers’ property. 

“Investing in security measures to protect your customers’ vehicles will help sustain an ongoing relationship built on confidence and trust, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty,” says Unica’s Risk Control Consultant, Jason Ostapeic.

Preventing Auto Theft

Passive Security Protection – Monitored Security 

Consider enhancing your protection measures by investing in a ULC-listed monitored security alarm system with perimeter door contacts, motion sensors and glass-breakage detection. These additional safeguards will promptly notify the authorities if there is any unauthorized access to the property during inactive hours. In addition to perimeter security sensors, security cameras are effective deterrents for unwanted visitors. Hiring a third-party security contractor can assist in maximizing this investment and providing peace of mind for your customers who trust their vehicles in your care. They can monitor strategically placed cameras on your property, promptly alerting the authorities if any unauthorized activity occurs. 

Physical Protection of Customer Vehicles 

Customers trust you with their vehicles, so it is crucial to take excellent care of them to build lasting relationships.  

  • Install ample lighting: Bright LED lighting around the property can deter unwanted visitors after business hours. 
  • Perimeter security: Install a locked fence around the property to boost security. Parking customers’ vehicles inside an alarm-secured building or a fully fenced compound with secured access (gate with case-hardened padlock) can reduce your exposure to vandalism and theft. 
  • Secure logins or electronic logbook: Track your keys, equipment, and customer vehicles to help prevent internal theft. 
  • Communicate: Remind customers to remove valuables from their vehicles while in the care of your business. 

Key Controls 

Customers’ keys should be well secured while in your possession. Remove keys from vehicles not being serviced and store them in a secure key box in a dedicated, locked room that is not accessible to visitors. For customers dropping their vehicles off after business hours, provide a secure key-drop box that prevents access to keys once placed inside 

Lock it up

Employees often work in the back of the shop or beneath vehicles, limiting their visibility to other areas of the garage. Therefore, it is essential to lock unoccupied garages or rooms to prevent unauthorized access. If no customers are scheduled, lock the main door and display contact information for walk-ins needing assistance.  


Action Steps

Implementing these prevention tips can help ensure the safety and security of your business, employees, and customers. Speak with your broker to confirm that you have the appropriate coverage to protect your business and your customers’ vehicles. To learn more about protecting your auto repair shop, explore Unica’s Specialty Auto Services Connection™, a comprehensive solution that protects your physical assets, business income, liability, and employees all under one policy. 


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