WATERtight protection

Water damage has surpassed fire in home insurance claims costs in Canada, and coverage currently offered in the market is complex and varied and can lead to gaps in coverage.

WATERtight protection is the simplest, best-in-class, worry-free solution for water damage losses. It’s a single-product solution that provides coverage for damage caused by Overland Flooding, Ground Water, Surface Water, and Sewer Backup.

Rainfall overflows the troughs of a home.

WATERtight protection is available on Homeowners, Condominium, Seasonal Homeowner, Tenant, and Rented Dwellings policies.

Sewer Backup
Sump Pump
Surface Water
Septic System
Ground Water

Water Damage Facts

What has caused this climb in water damage?

  • Climate Change: Flash rainstorms, hailstorms and snowstorms.
  • Urbanization: Increased concrete leads to fewer areas for water to drain.

Water damage has overtaken fire to become the leading cause of home insurance claims in Canada.

Extreme weather damage has cost $10 billion since 1998.

  • Over 90mm accumulated in two hours during the 2013 Toronto Flood, resulting in $850 million in damages. This was the most expensive natural disaster in Ontario’s history.
  • The 2013 Calgary Flood led to a loss of $4.3 billion, the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history.

Advantages of WATERtight protection

Comprehensive product
Coverage up to policy limits for most cases
Worry free!
One-stop solution


At Unica, we’ve built our reputation by putting people first. We’ll handle your claim as quickly and as worry-free as possible.

“They got everything right!”

When a leak caused chaos just before a planned trip, Unica’s Road Adjuster stepped up to answered the call.
Pixie C. | Toronto
A customer service representative speaking on the phone.

All Hands on Deck Service

Unica swiftly responded to our leaking roof report. Within hours, a technician arrived, installed a temporary patch, averting rain damage. Regular updates kept us informed of the ‘next steps’. Their exceptional “all hands on deck” service under our LIVEasy policy has been truly awesome. Grateful for Unica’s prompt action and peace of mind.
Nora C. | Ajax

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