WATERtight Water Damage Insurance

With storms becoming increasingly frequent and severe, the likelihood of water damage becoming a threat to your home and personal belongings is higher than ever. Damage caused by water is now more common than fire.

Most standard policies include protection against some forms of water damage, but they might not shield you from the full extent of damage caused by various types of flooding, leaks or backups. You may not even realize the need for extra coverage until it’s too late. Unica’s WATERtight protection provides simplified, comprehensive coverage and peace of mind through our trusted best-in-class Claims service.

Rainfall overflows the troughs of a home.

A comprehensive total solution for water damage insurance.

WATERtight protection is a single add-on solution that provides coverage for damage caused by Flood, Ground Water, Surface Water, and Sewer Backup. It also extends coverage from the additional living expenses in the event of a mass evacuation or if access to your residence is prohibited due to flooding.

  • Sewer Backup, Sump Pump and Septic System

    The backing up of water into your home from a sewer, sump pump or septic system.

  • Overland Flood

    The overflow of any body of fresh water or watercourse, whether natural or man-made.

  • Surface Water

    Fresh water or rain naturally spreading over the surface of typically dry ground, not resulting from a flood.

  • Ground Water

    Water found beneath the ground’s surface, such as in soil, or the increase of the water table level, including water wells, underground streams, and water that filters through the ground.

Flexibility to tailor coverage to your needs.

WATERtight protection is available on Homeowner, Condo, Seasonal Broad, Tenant, and Rental policies.

Your WATERtight deductible can be increased separately from your policy deductible, providing you with more ways to save on premiums.
Sub-limits of coverage are available from $5,000.
When paired with a LIVEasy® Homeowners policy, you have the choice to either repair or rebuild your home on the same location or rebuild elsewhere.


At Unica, we’ve built our reputation by putting people first. We’ll handle your claim as quickly and as worry-free as possible.
A customer service representative speaking on the phone.

All Hands on Deck Service

Unica swiftly responded to our leaking roof report. Within hours, a technician arrived, installed a temporary patch, averting rain damage. Regular updates kept us informed of the ‘next steps’. Their exceptional “all hands on deck” service under our LIVEasy policy has been truly awesome. Grateful for Unica’s prompt action and peace of mind.
Nora C. | Ajax

They got everything right!

When a leak caused chaos just before a planned trip, Unica’s Road Adjuster stepped up to answered the call.
Pixie C. | Toronto

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