Boating tips to stay safe on the water

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    1. Essential Summer Boating Safety Tips for Ontario’s Lakes
    2. Action Steps


Essential Summer Boating Safety Tips for Ontario’s Lakes

What better way to prepare for the upcoming summer and enjoy the beauty of Ontario’s lakes than by getting your boat out on the water! But be careful—open water and fellow boaters can be unpredictable, so stay safe on the waves with some summer boating safety tips:

Check the weather

Before heading out on your boating adventure, always check the weather forecast. Be sure to keep either a radio or a well-charged smartphone on board to stay updated on any weather changes while you’re out on the water. Being aware of the weather conditions can help you make informed decisions to ensure a safe and enjoyable boating experience.

Create a float plan

Your float plan should include the details of your boating venture. Details such as how long you’ll be gone, where you’re going, a phone number and how many people will be with you. Leave this plan with someone who won’t be joining you out on the water.

Wear a life jacket

In Canada, you are required by law to provide everyone on board with a life jacket or a personal floatation device. It’s also important to have all the appropriate safety equipment on board such as flashlights, flares, water and a radio.

Don’t drink while operating your boat

You might think ‘what’s the harm in one drink’ or ‘there are no other boats nearby’ but taking that chance not only endangers yourself but others as well. Drinking impairs your judgment and reaction time, critical factors when operating watercraft. According to the Canadian Red Cross, over 40% of boating fatalities are alcohol-related.

Visibility is crucial

As you navigate the waters, it’s crucial to maintain vigilance not only for other boats but also for swimmers. Ensure that both fellow boaters and swimmers can see your boat by maintaining proper lighting and signaling. Always stay vigilant, scanning for hazards to keep everyone safe on the water.


Action Steps

By following these summer boating safety tips, prepping before you undock your watercraft and being a responsible boater on the water, you’ll enjoy summer safely for as long as it lasts. Most importantly, don’t forget to talk to your Broker about boat coverage. Unica offers Best in Class Watercraft Coverage that provides protection designed to meet day-boaters’ unique insurance needs, including coverage for personal effects, towing and emergency breakdown. Watercraft Coverage also extends to medical payments not covered under OHIP up to a limit of $10,000.

Enjoyed the read? Feel free to share for others to enjoy!

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