Unica knows our customers may enjoy some of the “Toys” in the marketplace such as snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles. Unica’s offering of unique discounts can be applied to recreational vehicles as well.

Sunburst through the tree above a Rv parked at a campsite
A yellow ATV traversing though snow.
Close-up of an ATV tire covered in mud.

Key Features and Benefits

No list of restrictions on ATVs
No maximum CC limit on snowmobiles
Multi-Line Discounts with a supporting auto 10%
Multi-vehicle Discount 20%

Unica’s Toys coverage provides comprehensive coverage for recreational vehicles such as:

Motorized Scooter
Dune Buggies


97.1% of surveyed Unica Insureds were satisfied with their Claims experience.
A customer service representative speaking on the phone.
A snowmobile accident left me with several injuries. After direction from my Broker, Unica met me at work and I immediately felt that I’m with an insurance company that honestly cares. Your team helped me to recover—I wish you knew just how much I embraced the manner I was being taken care of!
Ron D. | Collingwood ON
Two teens wearing life jackets, in a paddle boat on a lake.
After a break-and-enter on our property, Unica’s Adjuster took on our claim and had everything under control to our utmost satisfaction. She was not only comforting during this distressful time but also had repairs quickly scheduled and handled by a contractor. The service was amazing and reassured us that we’re with the right insurance company.
Victor G. | Huntsville

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