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Unica’s Privacy Breach insurance offers comprehensive expense and liability protection at a competitive price with additional features such as pre-breach and post-breach services tailored specifically for our dedicated business segments.

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In a single year, the average Canadian business faces 96 cyber security attacks, resulting in 2 to 3 effective breaches per month per organization.¹

Protection is Necessary

The risk of a privacy breach is now a reality for companies of all sizes. In a single year, the average Canadian business faces 96 cyber security attacks, resulting in 2 to 3 effective breaches per month per organization. Proper coverage against these risks is no longer an option but a clear necessity.

Who is this coverage for?

Every business is at risk of facing a privacy breach. Protected personal information can be obtained if your business stores customer data or receives automatic payments. Even if you only employ a single person, you are in possession of private information such as a social security number.

Regulatory Enforcement

As of November 1st, 2018, the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act now requires business owners to notify individuals about privacy breaches and report these incidents to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada.

Privacy Breach Endorsement

Unica’s Privacy Breach Endorsement and Enhanced Privacy Breach Endorsement provides coverage for first-party business expenses incurred as a result of a Privacy Breach, including:

Notification Expenses
Covers expenses incurred when providing notice to affected individuals of any actual or potential breach of protected personal information.
Credit Monitoring
Covers the cost of credit monitoring expenses for individuals whose protected personal information was or may have been accessed through a privacy breach.
Data Recovery Expenses
Covers costs related to the recovery of protected personal info which has been affected by a privacy breach event while in the control of your business.
Cyber Investigation Expenses
Covers costs of an external investigation into the reported unauthorized use of a computer system to determine how and when the system was compromised during a privacy breach.
Crisis Management Expenses
Covers costs incurred to pay a public relations, law or crisis management firm to minimize the potential harm to the reputation of your business after a privacy breach.
Legal Defense Expenses
Covers any costs solely from the defense of a claim against your company seeking compensatory damages as a direct result of a privacy breach event.
Liability Coverage
Exclusive to Enhanced Privacy Breach Endorsement
Covers compensatory damages resulting from a claim against your company as a result of a privacy breach, as well as defense costs of the claim.


At Unica, we’ve built our reputation by putting people first. We’ll handle your claim as quickly and as worry-free as possible.

From Partner to Policyholder

Because we value the way they work and we like the way their system is, we actually became a policyholder. And that speaks a lot–especially when I’ve been in the insurance industry for over thirty years.
Matt Molson | Owner of Leda Restoration
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Pre-Breach and Post-Breach Services

According to a recent Insurance Business Canada survey, less than half of businesses are prepared against a possible cyber attack.

Businesses that are prepared for privacy breaches can respond faster and more effectively.

Unica has partnered with CyberScout to provide valuable in-depth preventative and response services including breach support, risk management tools and incident response planning for organizations of every size.

Since 2003, CyberScout has been leading the charge against hackers, thieves and even simple human error. Their longstanding reputation, industry expertise and scalable approach offers businesses unrivaled solutions—now available as part of Unica’s comprehensive privacy breach insurance.

To register for these services, visit Unica’s CyberScout portal.

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¹Source: Accenture – Facing the Cybersecurity Conundrum